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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Healing, Intermittent fasting and Assimilation.

Getting a break after a long time is very stressful. The body goes into working mode and it doesn't want to switch back.You get several types of ailments ranging from anxiety to binge eating.

I think my anxiety was caused by the stress related damage done to the body. Moreover this anxiety got it's roots so well embedded in the body that it won't allow me to skip meal even when I wasn't hungry. It was like feeding my mind, so that I could stay happy. It was a lethal loop slowly making me slave to my body.

Eating does release stress but that doesn't solve the problem.You see we are build to take stress, when we say ''I can't take stress'' That simply means your body needs repair and believe me, you just can't patch up the body like you do it with your Bike. It needs time. Serious time.

Body doesn't really repair on it's own when the damage gets larger than it can handle. Then it sets out it's own conditions. Thumb rule is take a break and start intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting just means eating at some point and skipping the others. I think hunger is a give and take. You feed yourself during hunger and the body stalls repair, if you take the hard choice it repairs. It's just like the nature.

After 6 months of binge-eating I just couldn't gain weight. Nor could is solve my low RBC count after a bout of viral infection that left me nearly exhausted. But now as i started skipping lunch and breakfast all together I can feel the body getting hold of it. The craving is gone, Sugar cravings after meals *Poof* Gone, Caffeine craving *Poof* Gone. Binge eating is in the mind, once you control your mind the binge-eating goes away naturally.

Fasting is like a wizard really. My anxiety levels are coming down as my body repairs itself and I am quite positive about the whole effect. I was really scared about losing weight but now I feel that was just a trap by the toxins and pathogens to keep draining my body.

Self-Control is one thing that can cure you of anything. It's tough but if you have something bigger in perspective you can always achieve the smaller goals. Getting to know your body is the first step in conquering the world and knowing God too. So it has all benefits religious, spiritual, physical.

Now drop that daily cravings and see yourself change for good!

My Schedule is very precise right now with Green tea in the morning with rusks and one meal at night with some baked bread and protein. Now I don't prefer baked bread as it increases inflammatory markers but initially I want the body to adjust as I am an underweight rather than over-weight. So anyone out there fighting problems assimilating fasting is the way to go! Tell your body there is no food and the next time you eat the body will make most of it.

The thing to note here is I rest most of time and limit my movement, so rest is something compulsory. Also please avoid any kind of multi-vitamins as they can cause further stress, just let the body repair.

This is my 4th day Intermittent fasting and I am so positive about it that I am likely to become a super-human by the 10th day, Inshallah, God willingly!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Ultimate Batman of this Winter?

The winter season is incomplete without the honourable mention of these great baked biscuits omnomnonom. I won't brag about making them at home but they taste so good I wish I could send a few over board. Fog and mist is slowly increasing as the winter reins in towards this portion of Northern India but this fog will be beaten by the ultimate batman of the winter season, The Indian Chai.

If you haven't heard of it then you are not a Tea lover for sure. And not to mention you can try to make it million to gazillion times at home but the real taste is at any Indian cafe that specializes in making the correct decoction of milk and tea leaves.

You ask any Indian around here, What is the one thing that he is ready to leave during the winter season, The only answer you won't get is Chai chai chai! Tea is what we Indians live for! We can't leave that!

Even in Dubai it's really cold in December, the National Day has just gone by and the cold chilly winds will start blowing in Dubai, and not to mention the out of the blue night showers. Burrrrrr!
I still remember hanging out in the Mamzar area in Dubai we used to have Filli Chai! It was one of the best and still the best if it's still in business. It attracts thousands daily from rich to not so rich like me :)

Here are some photos.

My biscuit collection.
 Filli Chai!
Try following this link to know more about this place! Filli Chai/Tea

Enjoy your tea during this winter season!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Chronicles of De-Caffeinated me!

It's been almost 6 months since my college life came to a halt. Now i sit and sometimes ponder about the days when we used to hang out in the college canteen cracking jokes, studying (Not) and what not. It takes sometime for the mind to adjust to the actual normal life after graduation. It's like floating on the sea for a long time and suddenly you are told to live on the shore, you keep floating and its no fun. There is one thing i learned from my college life, always respect the time you live in, The Present.

Apart from that living caffeine-free was the best and the most difficult thing happened to me. I no longer feel the urge to get off my bed and run for a cup of hot black tea. Though i prefer milk in it, but still its strong enough to jizz up anyone.

Intially when i stopped drinking tea in the morning the most difficult part was not having any hot beverage to drink. I am lactose intolerant so milk is a no-go, then my mom got me some green tea. After having heavily caffeinated full fat milky tea for almost 10 years now i had to switch to hot water with sugar to say the least.

It was a bit more bitter than the black tea as i used to drink the Indian version of it combined with milk but the taste was rejuvenating. Intially i was adding sugar to it but now i have stopped that too, it feels so good to not get jizzed up early morning and by afternoon become a slacker.

Talking about brands i got a chance to taste like 4 brands, Lipton, Ecovalley, Taj Mahal and some locally grown Assamese green tea. The best one was Ecovalley no doubt. The taste and aroma was so much better than the rest. Lipton and Tajmahal don't even end up near to the taste and aroma. The Flavoured version of Ecovalley also had a spark in them, tried lemon with ginger and mulethi it was awesome. Moreover it's organic and no staples on teabags!

I think this basic change in my lifestyle will bring about new freshness in my post college life. Caffeine can be addicting and really drives you from inside as long as you have it, but once it wears down it literally drains all the energy. I think the only problem i had with caffeine was that it took a toll on my liver and my intestines as it was pushing my body further and further above its limits.

What i learned from this addiction is a very important lesson indeed. Every addiction becomes an extreme want at one point  in life and after that it starts to devour the human body. Live moderately, Live happy!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

JDU BJP Split, Where is the BJP headed?

After JDU's announcement today of breaking away from NDA alliance, BJP is left alone with its own set of superheroes. With Narendra Modi BJP has put everything at stake, even its  17 year old alliance with JDU. There are two possibilities, Either BJP knows it can stake everything in the name of modi as his name is equivalent to pocket aces or BJP is acting a bit oversmart. I feel the latter is more correct as the BJP just to make RSS happy is losing all its crucial support. Advani this week has meekly taken his resignation back, but they could not stop JDU from drifting away from the alliance.

I don't think Modi can alone act as a matchwinner for BJP as they would require 272 seats, which is impossible seeing the condition of BJP in state elections. The BJP was getting direct benefit of scams and scandals of UPA alliance, but now BJP is lost in its own drama. Instead of projecting itself as a national party BJP is now a carrom board for RSS.

With the third front also coming up whats cooking for the next lok sabha elections? And what about Laloo..will this split create more problems for him?


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Israel called 'bluff' this time?

On January 30, Israel millitary counducted multiple airstrikes on the supposedly convoy carrying sophisticated Russian made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles to Lebanon. This convoy according to U.S officials were a part of arms transfer which Israel had warned earlier. According to Syria it hit a research center.

Syria remained silent. Now the question arises that how come an attack on the Syrian sovereignity draws no reaction from Syria?..As well as Iran, who had warned that any attack on Syria would be attack on itself?.
The Answers are many. Iran could be in a crucial stage of uranium enrichment, so basically it is avoiding any war. Syria on the other hand doesn't want the Syrian Free Army to get some 'Tag team' support from Israel.

But..Hold on there is some more. Did Syria just 'bluffed' about the weapons transfer to Lebanon and invited an Israel attack on those convoys. As Barak had already stated earlier in the week that they are 'closely watching the situation and would respond to it effectively. Syria played it too well to end its nearly 2 year civil war and Israel called the bluff. The attack not only could drive attention towards Israel, it could also 'Re-unite' the war torn country against it.

Israel played it too early. This could be a turning point for the Syrian civil war and could pose serious consequences for Israel.


Friday, 1 February 2013

India needs more engineers...with brains

Well just scrolling through the news archives i found a very astonishing piece of news. According to evaluation conducted by Nasscom an IT body only 50% of the total engineers were employable in india.

Its quite sad how India is focusses on quantity rather than quality. The education system of India needs a major change over. What I believe is that the problem lies in the language. We as Indian proudly sing the National Anthem on Independence day but we have left our liguistic instincts far behind. Whether we belong to any state, speaking any language than english..we are forced day after day to shallow the bitter 'tablet' called 'English'.

I ask..Why can't we study in our own language. And after all we can't use the excuse that we are exporting according to this report 50% of the engineers can answer this question,  given below.

Q Did you _______ cereal for breakfast.
Only 50% of the students were able to give the correct answer – have. Wow?

Now what are we running after?..We proudly say that we are one of the largest producers of engineers and we can 'have' cereal for breakfast. How is that..

Now problem is not or him. But the problem lies within us. We as a whole have rejected our language whether it be Hindi, Punjabi or Telugu....and Marathi also.

..This is something we should look forward. Lets make it optional for people to study in english. Lets make engineers for our satisfaction and not for show off. Lets change the India and stop caring for the world as we have to come back to our country one day, and that day you will realise the importance of your language.

Take an example of ask a person on the street, standing suited, booted, with a Rado watch on his wrist and a black laptop bag..''Hey, Whats the time?''..He replies..'' Chong wayang sing sing''. ''alright..but i am in no mood to sing''. Apart from this joke they have really brought up their country just by embracing their language.

Linky for the article :

Post also on:
Shariq Shahid

First post..Being me!

Hey Hey..
Well here i am writing my very first post on my own blog. Well let me introduce myself ..I am Shariq, Currently doing my bachelors in engineering and technology from MAJU, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. Currently in my first year. I have done my schooling in Dubai, and i also write another blog with my friends on the following address Anthropists.Do visit this blog, worth your time if you are a graduating student.I am also an active wikipedian editor by the alias Shawrix.

The reason i started this blog was not to seperate myself from the blog i usually write on, But i was more off a way to express my ideas in my own audience. That blog has a variety of audience and i wanted to link with a more specific audience.

Well that was about me in a nutshell. Upcoming posts will reveal alot more about India and my own perspective of india.



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